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We are pleased that you are joining the ranks of the many happy Doberman and German Pinscher owners, and here offer a few tips on how to select the right puppy. We hope these guidelines will be of help to you in your search for the "right" puppy, who will grow to meet your expectations. As Breeders, we let our puppies "choose" their new families.
If a 20 lb., 3 month old puppy does not like you now, the odds are a 2 year old will not like you later. Should our puppy choose you as his or her "partner" he'll do anything to keep YOU happy.

The best source for buying a purebred Doberman or German Pinscher is a breeder who has had years of experience and cares about the dogs that represent their kennel. We will honor our guarantee and can save the newcomer from making many costly mistakes. Our success is constantly being tested in the show ring and we strive to upgrade our stock to conform to the breed standards. With your new puppy comes a friend/breeder; someone you call when you need help, information or just want to talk about what cute little "Gypsy" did last week.    Most people want a Doberman or German Pinscher simply because they like the looks and want a pet, a companion and a guard. Then they become attached to the dog, meet other people who have Dobes and GP's, learn about shows, perhaps win ribbons, and are on their way to a lifetime of fun in the sport of showing dogs.

As Breeders we provide the first series of puppy shots,  administer a worm preventative and micro chip each puppy. You will receive a written guarantee that the puppy is in excellent health at the time the puppy goes home. We will be happy to answer any questions that you might have concerning feeding, housebreaking, etc. It is not unusual for a young puppy to have diarrhea the first few nights that he comes to your home. The change in food, environment and living style may cause some unsettled stomachs. Normal temperature in a pup is 101.5. Don't be alarmed if he runs up to 102 if he's excited; however, much higher than that and you should consult your vet. It is extremely important that you continue the puppy series and get all of the necessary shots. We have enclosed a shot record book to help you keep track of  the vaccinations.

The purchase of a purebred, registered puppy is a very important decision that should be considered carefully.  Is everyone in the family willing to accept the responsibilities of raising and training a puppy to become a happy, obedient part of the family? A puppy is something that should be brought into a home that is PREPARED to care for and welcome him or her into the family.

If at all possible, pick the puppy yourself and if you have children bring them with you. We encourage the entire family to get involved in choosing your new family member. You are encouraged to make an appointment as we are busy and have many visitors. When you arrive you are encouraged to look around and ask questions. We will also be asking questions because we are concerned about the well-being of our puppies even after they have gone to their "approved" homes. Dobermans and German Pinschers are not the "right" dog for everyone; therefore, do not be offended if you do not leave with a puppy. Should your family enjoy the company of a pup from Leilani Dobermans and German Pinschers you are encouraged to take the puppy to a Veterinarian of your choice to verify his good health. We periodically touch base with our friends to see how our "offspring" are getting along.

Your Doberman or German Pinscher puppy can be considered an investment even if he is intended only for a pet and companion. Breeding is an important factor which determines temperament, type, and working ability and should be considered in the purchase of a pet, show, working or breeding dog. You will find that Dobermans and German Pinschers are habit-forming. The amazing versatility of these breeds is unsurpassed in the dog world. Having a Dobe or GP opens a whole new world of activities for you. They enjoy showing, obedience, back packing, crosscountry, agility, tracking, rally or just being a couch potato.


In your search for the "right" dog, you may have noticed that the prices vary widely. Newspaper ads may show one litter selling at $150.00 each and one just below at $800.00 each. Though both are AKC registered, you will see from later discussion of health, personality and structural faults, that AKC "papers" are no indication of the quality of the pup or his trueness to the Breed Standard. In this area a well-bred "pet" quality puppy may start at $1,500.00. Show quality puppies start at $2,500.00 and go up from there. These prices are not really exorbitant when divided over the lifespan of the dog and weighed against veterinary expenses on poorly bred pups.


First, the litter should be kept in clean surroundings with adequate room to play.
Second, they should appear well fed but not too fat or lean.
Third, the eyes should be clean with no sign of discharge.
Fourth, the coat should shine and be free from bald spots.
Note: It is not unusual to see the mother lose her coat after whelp.

We have found that there are two critical periods of socialization in a pup's life, namely 7-12 weeks and 12-16 weeks, in which a puppy requires human socialization and interaction. If they don't get it between 7-12 weeks, but do between 12-16 weeks, they'll minimally adjust to one owner but tend to fear everyone else. If they get it between 12-16 weeks (when discipline and human leadership is established) the puppies will be friendly, but not easily trained. If they don't get proper socialization during either period, they'll fear all people, including their owner. We have also discovered a further period of "resocialization" is required between the ages of 12 to 18 months.
Temperament testing and observation plays a key role in the placement of puppies at Leilani Acres. We meticulously test and retest each puppy to evaluate what type of home is proper for each individual puppy. Socialization and training, no matter how minimal, begins at birth. In past years, this has proven to produce well-adjusted puppies, and satisfied owners.

A few final words of advice may be in order. First, never settle for less because of time, money or other considerations. Your pup may be a part of your family for ten to fifteen years and compromises now will effect you and/or your puppy for a long time to come.  If you are not able to find what you want immediately, a few weeks or months of patience will usually be rewarding.  In fact, getting a pup from some of the better litters usually requires a wait - as many are sold in advance. So be choosy, look around and see what is available by attending one of the many shows. Talk with various Breeders about required and expected standards and be wary of faults that are bred into the breed by the "backyard" breeders.

It will pay off in the future!!

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